List of products by manufacturer Le Pure

LE PURE... Revolutionising Organic Skincare

Together with Julia Atzesberger, Marie Carrasquedo has created a skincare line, which helps the skin to protect itself from the daily aggressions it is exposed to. Julia and Marie are setting new standards for organic cosmetics, but believe that even though they offer luxury quality, it should be affordable. Their vision is a healthy lifestyle for everyone in harmony with nature and its resources.   


  • LE PURE ALPHA CREAM is a powerful, instantly absorbing cream that calms, nourishes and regenerates the skin from within. Indicated for all skin types, including very dry, sensitive, reactive, oily and acne prone skin.

  • LE PURE Detox Deluxe is a luxurious cleanser emulsion with potent, purifying plant extracts that act as a powerful detox treatment. It leaves the skin deeply cleansed and moisturised, while strengthening the hydrolipidic film, the skin’s powerhouse for elasticity.

  • INSTANT LIBERATION in a jar contains a selection of plant nutrients and medicinal clays that activate the skin’s metabolism. Its thermo-dynamic effect raises the skin temperature and the clogged sebum can be eliminated through the pore. This eliminates the need to squeeze the skin with the fingers to remove cysts and blackheads, which would stimulate the...

  • A rich, smoothing and repairing superfood cream that profoundly nourishes the deeper layers to restore youthful glow and maximum skin elasticity. This cream contains 100% active ingredients and is pure anti-aging nutrition for the skin. Indicated for all skin types, including very dry, dehydrated, reactive, scaling and flaccid skin.Apply 1-2 doses on the...

  • MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION is a composition of the precious prickly pear seed oil and pure plant extracts. The seeds of the cactus fruits are cold pressed and we obtain a valuable oil that contains the best equilibrium of essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9). These nutrients are fundamental to rejuvenate the skin and to preserve the elasticity of the...

  • NECTAR IMMORTEL is composed of 17 plants and is an innovative method to clean and purify the skin. This unique elixir cleans and nourishes at the same time. It is created through a biotechnological process and has the ability to purify the skin without depositing any unnecessary substances on the skin. The balanced combination of nutrients improves the...

  • LE PURE Perfecting Illumination deeply nourishing and protecting, it brings out your skin’s natural glow and is a potent anti-ageing treatment. A power-packed foundation of 100% active ingredients that treats lines and wrinkles, refines pores and equilibrates skin sebum.

  • LE PURE Sensual Opulence is a decadent body oil delight for the senses. Indulgent plant pheromones transport you on a sensual journey of reconnection with yourself and nature. Providing deep and lasting moisturising, LE PURE body oil preserves your skin’s elasticity and effectively prevents premature ageing.

  • SILK RESURRECTION LE PURE Silk Resurrection is ideal for all skin types, especially for eye contour, wrinkles, pigmentation spots, loose, dry and mature skin.Firms and tightens Treats lines and wrinkles Regenerates Smoothes Prevents premature ageing

  • SMOOTH ADDICTION is an intensive hydration balm that treats dry and rough skin. Immediately after use the skin feels soft and nourished. Its high concentration of active plant nutrients enables the rapid regeneration of sensible skin areas and protects them effectively from extreme cold, heat, wind and humidity. The balm treats the eye contour area,...

  • LE PURE presents this innovative duo treatment for the treatment of eye contour. An oil and a serum that combined completely treats this delicate area of ​​our face. On the one hand, EYE EUPHORIA is a wonderful and exotic oil-serum that causes a real euphoria in your skin. A combination of highly penetrating oils and powerful plant extracts that repair...

  • VELVET HYDRATION is an organic floral water that contains synergistic plant extracts that provide the skin with nutrients and active substances. It purifies, refreshes and hydrates the skin. This floral water contains antioxidants that protect and strengthen the hydrolipidic film of the skin. It is ideal for skin types that are reactive and hypersensitive...