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Cosmetics 27 marries technology with pharmaceutical traditions

From pharmacist Michèle Evrard who discovered the healing effects of Centella Asiatica when looking to heal a scar. Inspired by ‘the longevity plant’, Cosmetics 27 marries technology with pharmaceutical traditions.

Sensitive types love the fact that her formulations are 84-100% natural and don’t contain parabens, petrochemical derivatives, silicones or mineral oils.

The M.E. skin care laboratory SkinLab designs formulas based on natural active ingredients, carefully selected and in precise quantities.


  • Baume 27 is an intense global anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and repairing skin care product. Its exceptional effectiveness is due to the action of 3 natural extracts of Centella Asiatica (Asiaticoside, Madecassocide, Asiatic Acid) which form the MA2 Complex. This patented (innovation patent) complex of high-performance active ingredients is combined with a...

  • Cleanser 27, a totally innovative formula, is a 3-phase action balm for removing make-up, cleansing and exfoliating the skin. Its balm texture transforms into oil when massaged in; these 2 phases facilitate make-up removal and gentle exfoliation.

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  • Crème Bio-logique 27 is a hydrating, detoxifying & anti-pollution daily treatment for all skin types and all ages. Hydrate, detoxify and protect the complexion with this one-and-done lightweight moisturising cream, delivering radiant, nourished and healthy skin.

  • Cosmetics 27's Eyes 27 is a one-step integrative eye treatment cream: antiwrinkles, dark circles and puffiness correcting . The formula integrates an exceptional combination of natural origin ingredients and Its high efficacy is proven by clinical tests. A high penetration, lightweight comfortable texture that gently treats the specific eye zone needs to...

  • Cosmetics 27's Glow 27 formula works to correct pigment spots and small skin imperfections. The selection of natural active ingredients helps to enhance skin's radiance while preserving the integrity of its ecosystem.

  • Huile 27 is a true anti-age beauty treatment that nourishes, hydrates, softens, regenerates and protects your skin.  It acts on the skin's homeostasis by providing essential "nutrients" that help re-balance the skin's functions and restructure the skin's tissue. 

  • Cosmetics 27's Mist 27 is a toning and balancing mist, formulated from “remineralised” water and balancing active ingredients. Mist 27 participates in reconstituting the skin hydrolipidic film, rebalancing the microbiota and maintaining the skin barrier integrity. Thanks to the virtues of seawater and a microbiota-friendly active ingredient, the natural...

  • Cosmetics 27's Pure 27 treats blemishes, rednesses, dilated pores and excess of sebum. This ultra light fluid takes its properties from a blend of active ingredients that purifies the skin, hydrates, balances the microbiota, and smoothes the irregularities. Formulated to help the skin with a dysfunction of the hydrolipidic epidermic structure, often...

  • Cosmetics 27 Pure 27 Cleanser is a cleansing gel, purifying and rebalancing for blemish skin with dilated pores or excess sebum. Pure 27 Cleanser is a soft gel adapted to combination and/or oily skin. Cleared of impurities and toxins, the skin is clarified, luminous and the appearance of large pores seems refined.

  • Cosmetics 27's Recovery 27 formulates the exceptional properties of Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed and Centella Asiatica extracts. This highly soothing formula works to soothe and restore overworked, irritated, over-stressed and often over-treated skin. A biomimetic formula, this serum restores the skin’s regeneration capacities, prevents the effects of skin...