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100% natural, non-toxic, cruelty free products carefully handcrafted with the finest cold pressed oils and raw ingredients. 

100% natural, non-toxic, cruelty free products carefully handcrafted with the finest cold pressed oils and raw ingredients.

Raaw in a Jar have studied ancient tribes and how they used nature’s hidden treasures and the power of herbs and plants to protect and nourish their skin from the harsh surroundings. This has been his inspiration to create a skin care line that combines the ancient skin care methods with modern knowledge.


  • RAAW by Trice Blue Beauty Drops is a nourishing facial oil full of vital antioxidants and vitamins with rejuvenating and soothing powers. made with calming Azulene-rich natural blue oils to provide balanced moisture without clogging the pores. Will leave your skin silky smooth and with a radiant complexion. Great for all skin types - especially healing...

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  • RAAW by Trice Black Oil is a gentle and soothing charcoal cleansing oil for all skin types, packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Black Moon Drops contain purifying properties to draw out dirt, bacteria and to melt away makeup. Made with nourishing Evening Primrose Oil and calming Blue Tansy containing powerful anti-inflammatory features....

  • RAAW by Trice Drops of Gold is potently packed with active botanicals to renew, repair and rejuvenate the skin. Infused with concentrations of cold-pressed essential and plant oils, this luxurious treat helps to diminish dark spots and aids in combating fine lines. Will leave your skin dewy and with a youthful glow.