List of products by manufacturer Natalie's

Scientific bodycare.

Natalie’s Cosmetics is an advanced body care brand with a medical background that has been created to fulfill the need of high-quality, science-backed body care products that are as packed with active ingredients as you would find in high-end serums. 

When developing her products, Dr Natalie Lindner conducted extensive research and selected an assortment of potent active ingredients that have a clinically-proven effect on your skin. It’s one of the unique pillars of the brand not to compromise on quality.


  • "Better aging" instead of anti-aging! Because aging is neither something bad nor completely stoppable. However, we can optimize the aging process and support the skin in a targeted manner. Dr. Natalie Lindner created a body lotion for mature skin with a mild form of retinol that works against several signs of aging at once, such as wrinkles, loss of...

  • The pleasantly light Natalie's Glow Body Lotion provides the skin with an innovative complex of active ingredients that evens the skin tone and fades hyperpigmentation to maintain a youthful skin appearance. A particularly stable and potent form of Vitamin C provides a visible brightening effect and stimulates collagen synthesis to minimize fine lines and...

  • Dr Natalie’s Hydration Body Gel includes a potent blend of ingredients that will actively hydrate and soothe your skin a to ensure a refreshed and radiant skin appearance. Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid as well as Panthenol holistically hydrate the skin on all levels and effectively replenish the body's moisture stores for a long-lasting feeling of...

  • Natalie’s Purity Body Lotion has especially been developed by Dr Natalie Lindner for acne-prone, hormonal and oily skin to effectively reduce and prevent impurities, inflammation and redness, resulting in a more even and youthful looking skin tone. The highly-active acid complex of Gluconolactone, Azelaic Acid and Willow Bark extract has a gentle yet...

  • Natalie’s Smooth Body Lotion has especially been developed to treat keratosis pilaris and provides an effective solution for ingrown hair as well as uneven, flaky skin texture.  The Smooth Body Lotion includes lactic acid (AHA) as well as Allantoin that have a keratolytic effect and work on the top layer of the skin to softly dissolve cornifications. This...