Most of us will assume that the best way to celebrate Vitamin C Day is to get enough Vitamin C through our diet. However, we should also consider the needs of our skin and seek out a good source of Vitamin C in our daily skincare routine.

While we know that Vitamin C is the most consumed dietary supplement, it was only in recent years that Vitamin C emerged as a key ingredient used in the cosmetics industry to maintain healthy skin.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin found naturally in fruits and vegetables. The most commonly used form of Vitamin C for skincare is ascorbic acid.

What does Vitamin C do for our skin?

Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant with a potent ability to neutralize free radicals, which are unstable molecules that trigger oxidative stress that can damage skin cells and cause premature skin aging.

Additionally, Vitamin C promotes collagen production, a protein that provides structure to the skin and keeps it firm and flexible.

Vitamin C also inhibits intracellular tyrosinase activity and melanogenesis, thus brightening the skin and evening out the tone, revealing a visibly radiant complexion and a younger-looking appearance.

Enhance your skin's radiance with our Vitamin C concentrates

ZELENS – Power C

Zelens Power C is a concentrated and silky serum formulated with a 20% highly stable vitamin C ester, enriched with a patented blend of naturally fermented botanical ingredients rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C ester converts to free vitamin C in the skin, performing various physiological functions.

Benefits of Power C:

  • Increases collagen production and promotes skin firmness.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Brightens and evens out skin tone for a radiant complexion.

Usage: Apply 2-3 pumps to face, neck, and décolletage after cleansing. Follow with your serum or moisturizer and SPF in your morning routine. We especially like to use Power C in the morning for antioxidant protection throughout the day.


THE GOOD C SERUM by Dr. Barbara STURM contains an exclusive formula of Vitamin C in three skin-friendly forms. An active ingredient complex that includes oil-soluble THD Vitamin C, synthetically stabilized Vitamin C in glucosidic form, and a Murunga extract, a tropical fruit rich in Vitamin C. Together, these three forms of Vitamin C help reduce uneven skin pigmentation, improve tone, and provide antioxidant protection against free radicals and stressful environmental factors to restore a youthful and healthy-looking complexion.

Usage: Apply a few drops to the palm of your hand and distribute evenly over cleansed face. Wait for absorption and continue with treatment cream. In the morning, include an SPF like Sun Drops.

PESTLE & MORTAR – Vitamin C Serum

Pestle & Mortar's "Vitamin C 2 Phase Serum" is a potent serum with 16% Vitamin C and natural extracts for visibly brighter and radiant skin.

The serum combines 3 types of high-performance Vitamin C to provide visibly firmer and brighter skin and a smooth complexion. A two-phase Vitamin C serum: a water phase and an oil phase. The innovative pump technology mixes the water phase rich in Vitamin C with an oil phase to provide a perfect serum dose to your skin.

Usage: Apply in the morning to face and neck, avoiding the eye area. In the morning, sunscreen is recommended.

EMMA HARDIE – Vit C Daily Serum

A concentrated serum with stabilized, slow-release Vitamin C that brightens dull skin and reduces spots and hyperpigmentation.

The highly stable, slow-release Vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of spots, skin inflammation, and redness. Vitamin B3 deeply hydrates and strengthens the skin's barrier function, helping reduce the appearance of age spots and sun damage, while red algae extract helps prevent signs of UV damage and provides a luminous and refined complexion.

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