H Soaps colección

H Soaps is a capsule collection created by Hortensia Rielo, aware that healthy skin begins with clean skin.

After many years in the skincare world, Hortensia presents this small collection of handmade soaps with natural ingredients on a base of virgin olive oil, coconut oil and organic shea butter by cold saponification.

Detox sea mud soap

DETOX Sea Mud Soap

A face soap specially designed to oily and combination skin with mud from the Dead Sea to regulate excess oil and marjoram oil with antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

PVP 12,50€

NOURISH African Karite Soap

A soap designed for all skin types with a high concentration of organic shea butter to hydrate and nourish the skin while maintaining its elasticity and flexibility..

PVP 12,50€

Nourish African Karite Soap
   Repair Calendula Soap 

REPAIR Soothing Calendula Soap

A repairing and soothing soap specially designed for damaged or irritated skins with calendula and chamomile extracts with great healing, repairing and soothing properties.

PVP 12,50€

DISH Antibacterial Soap Dish

A soap dish specially designed for solid cosmetics remain it dry, preventing stagnant water and the proliferation of bacteria and mould. Made with diatom fossil clay, thanks to its high porosity and absorption capacity, it has antifungical and antibacterial properties.

PVP 12,50€

H Soaps DISH