• Acqua di Genova

    Acqua di Genova

    Acqua di Genova was created in 1853 for the Royal House of Savoia by the famous Genovese perfumer Stefano Frecceri.

  • Argentum
  • Atelier Cologne

    Atelier Cologne

    Atelier Cologne is a niche perfume house established by Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel in 2010. The company makes what they call “cologne absolue"

  • Balmain Hair Couture

    Balmain Hair Couture

    The style and universe BALMAIN together with the experience of hair care and tricks of the backstage.

  • Bioeffect


    The future of scientific skin care made in Island with EGF cellular activators

  • By Terry

    By Terry

    Whenever TERRY talks about makeup, luxury is foremost in her thoughts. As she puts it, “luxury is what is rare, made with conscience and passion, founded on know-how”.

  • Campos de Ibiza

    Campos de Ibiza

    Campos de Ibiza is a brand of fragrances and bath & beauty products that represents the island of Ibiza, known as the Jewel of the Mediterranean, with its beauty and essences.

  • Christophe Robin

    Christophe Robin

    Hair colorist Christophe Robin’s star-studded portfolio includes Catherine Deneuve and Linda Evangelista. His award-winning products protect tresses from the damaging effects of highlighting and coloring, using natural ingredients such as Lavender and Camomile to nourish and restore brilliance.

  • Codage
  • Cosmetics 27

    Cosmetics 27

    Cosmetics 27 marries technology with pharmaceutical traditions

  • Daniel Josier

    Daniel Josier

    Formed in Versailles ISIPCA and having worked closely with one of the greatest of perfumery as Jean Claude Ellena, the spanish Daniel Josier has decided to create his own niche brand. Originality, authenticity and elegance beyond the markets is what gives us Josier Daniel.

  • David Mallett

    David Mallett

    Born in Australia, David Mallett has developed his passion for hairdressing very young. His talent has earned him an international career and led him to work with the most prestigious names in the world of photography and fashion.

  • Dr Barbara Sturm

    Dr Barbara Sturm

    “World-class skincare yields maximum results with a minimum number of products” – this is the concept behind Dr. Barbara Sturm’s nourishing formulas. 

  • Emma Hardie

    Emma Hardie

    Developed around Amazing Face, a capsule skincare collection of multi-tasking daily essentials, Emma Hardie skincare instantly smooth and lift tired, stressed skin revealing a natural glow.

  • Etro Profumi

    Etro Profumi

    Etro is an Italian fashion house and manufacturer of fabrics, accessories, leather goods, clothes and fragrances. It was founded in 1968 by Gimmo Etro, and it is still the family business.

  • Eve Lom

    Eve Lom

    EVE LOM believe anyone can achieve a beautiful radiant complexion through straightforward and effective skincare.

  • Fath's Essentials

    Fath's Essentials

    2016, Parfums Jacques Fath and perfumer Cecile Zarokian create a unique Collection: Fath's Essentials

  • Fedua


    Italian nail polish safe and certified 7 free

  • Grown Alchemist

    Grown Alchemist

    Botanical skincare products with certified natural peptides & organic botanical active ingredients.

  • H Soaps
  • Hortensia Rielo
  • Iles Formula

    Iles Formula

    Wendy identified early on that she needed super charged high-performance hair care that could provide instant hair repair and visible results

  • Ilia Beauty

    Ilia Beauty

    A prestige line of natural and organic beauty products that combine superior colour performance and nourishing organics, ILIA Beauty was founded by the inspiration to create a connection between organic beauty and contemporary fashion.



    Ioxèl is based on Ionized oxygen, obtained through an exclusive and patented production process.

  • Jardins D'Écrivains

    Jardins D'Écrivains

    Far removed from futuristic trends, Jardins D’Écrivains speaks to us of literary giants who traverse the various eras and still have the power to transcend…

  • Jul et Mad

    Jul et Mad

    Jul et Mad Paris is a niche fragrance brand created by Julien Blanchard and Madalina Stoica. The story of the couple began with a chance meeting at a Parisian sidewalk café.

  • Le Domaine

    Le Domaine

    From Brad Pitt's vineyards and in collaboration with the prestigious Dr. Nicolas Lévy, a skin care brand with a lot of science emerges.

  • Le Pure

    Le Pure

    LE PURE... Revolutionising Organic Skincare




  • Leonor Greyl

    Leonor Greyl

    A la fama internacional de los productos capilares de Leonor Grey quizás tan sólo le haga sombra la larga lista de celebrities que han pasado por sus manos y se declaran fans de sus productos capilares.

    Sus productos naturales exclusivos, a base de aceites esenciales y de extractos botánicos, aportan resultados espectaculares para el brillo y la vitalidad del cabello.

  • Linda Meredith Skincare

    Linda Meredith Skincare

    Linda Meredith is the "Queen of facial treatments"

  • Lixir


    Lixirskin is a mix of universal essentials for everyday skin needs and targeted night care for skin concerns - an advanced yet relaxed approach to good skin

  • Margaret Dabbs

    Margaret Dabbs

    Margaret Dabbs provide effective, long lasting anti-ageing for both hands and feet.

  • Monpure


    The scalp – the unsung hero of healthy hair.

    The scalp should be at the heart of any haircare regime. MONPURE are a collective of beauty experts, dermatologists and scientists who are all dedicated to finding a real solution to the issues of hair loss and thinning. 

  • MZ Skin

    MZ Skin

    Created by Iranian-American oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Maryam Zamani, MZ SKIN is a luxurious and functional skincare range from London’s premier Aesthetic Doctor and Oculoplastic Surgeon, who is widely referred to as ‘The Eye Doctor’. 

  • Natalie's


    Scientific bodycare.

  • Oribe


    Channeling timeless glamour, Oribe is the ultimate in luxe hair care.

  • Parfums de Rosine

    Parfums de Rosine

    Parfums de Rosine was founded by Paul Poiret in 1911. He named the fragrance house after his on daughter. Fragrances of the house enjoyed great popularity, but it didn't survive the Great Depression.

  • Pestle & Mortar

    Pestle & Mortar

    Simple Solutions For Beautiful Skin.

  • Proceanis


    The love for water connects the two Hamburg based entrepreneurs Dr. Henning Jüchter and Heiko Christian Bross.

    Hyaluron Drink is a product that works in depth and supports the body in a natural way to stay balanced and to maintain a youthful balance.

    This is good for oneself and also for the environment: With every product sold, the label supports the marine protection organization OCEANS 2050 by Alexandra Cousteau.

  • Puredistance


    The Puredistance scents are proof that truly unique and exclusive perfumes still exist.

  • Raaw Alchemy

    Raaw Alchemy

    100% natural, non-toxic, cruelty free products carefully handcrafted with the finest cold pressed oils and raw ingredients. 

  • Rivoli Genève

    Rivoli Genève

    A new era: the era of “Intelligent Beauty”.

  • RMS Beauty

    RMS Beauty

    RMS Beauty is an organic and raw cosmetic line that nourishes your skin. Consider it skincare with mineral color.

  • Sabé Masson

    Sabé Masson

    La Maison du Soft Parfum



    Produced in Sweden, this range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products harnesses the power of valuable proteins and minerals found in sea algae.

  • Sprekenhus


    Alexander Sprekenhus is a skincare brand established in Norway, Oslo in 2010. Based on the Scandinavian tradition where functional design meets beauty in simplicity - both in our formulations and packaging.

  • Thalgo


    Since 1964 Thalgo Laboratories have been creating Marine Cosmetics for Spa and Beauty. The Thalgo Research Centre is the undisputed expert in Marine Intelligence, with over 50 marine active principles identified, extracted and concentrated in exclusive ingredients with unrivalled properties. 

  • Therabody


    From the creators of percussive therapy comes the new TheraFace!

  • Timeblock


    Clean and scientific skincare research

  • U Beauty

    U Beauty

    Clean and highly effective formulas designed to simplify your daily beauty routine without sacrificing effectiveness.

  • Zelens


    Dr. Marko Lens, the creator of Zelens, is a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. Internationally renowned in the field of skin cancer and skin ageing.

  • Zojo


    100% natural, effective and non-chemical food supplements.